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    Ukiyo-e by Taiso Yoshitoshi: Guru Tokimune (one of the Soga brothers). He is preparing to avenge the death of his dear father. The cocku flying in front of the moon crescent symbolises the ephemeral nature of life. Stamp in the Tsuki hyakushi series (“100 aspects of the moon”), 1885.

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    Me likey!!

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    Illustration by Curtiss Sprague, 1931 from Skags, the Milk Horse

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    ART: Keith Lemley’s Glowing Sculptures

    The censorial sculptures of Keith Lemley stem from the grand idea, that an “invisible presence exists in our minds and surrounds all objects, experiences, and memories,”

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    Women’s Prison, New Orleans (1963)

    Photo by Leonard Freed

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    Eladio Dieste - Julio Herrera y Obes Hanger, Montivideo 1979. Scanned from here

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    “One question I am often asked is why the women in my films are more lucid than the men. I was raised among women: my mother, my aunt, and lots of cousins. Then I got married, and my wife had five sisters. I have always lived among women; I know them very well. Yet this is only the anecdotal aspect of my answer. Speaking for myself, I find that the feminine sensibility is a far more precise filter than any other to express what I have to say. In the realm of emotions, man is nearly always unable to feel reality as it exists.”

    Michelangelo Antonioni on his film La Notte, for the newspaper L’humanité on February 26, 1961.

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    We miss L.A.